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BANGKOK 18 January 2019 14:13
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Handbook of new standards coming for kindergartens and nurseries 

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Handbook of new standards coming for kindergartens and nurseries 

By The Nation




To ensure up-to-par good quality in early childhood care and education at 53,335 kindergartens and nurseries nationwide, the Education Council is now in process of printing a handbook for distribution.


The booklet will detail the “National Standard for Early Childhood Care, Development and Education in Thailand” that was approved on January 2 by the Cabinet.


The council deputy secretary-general Wattanaporn Ra-ngubtook said the agency would also soon organise a meeting of related agencies, including the Office of Basic Education Commission and the Department of Local Administration to ensure they are on the same page about implementing the standards.


The agencies are responsible for supervising kindergartens and nurseries.


Wattanaporn said the government saw it as important to promote consistent and high-quality development of new learners before they are passed on to the national education system. 


The new standard was thus proposed by the Ministry of Education for the Cabinet’s approval. 


The new standard would help assess the quality of development at kindergartens and daycare nurseries, and ensure appropriate care and education management for individual children aged 0-6 before they enter Prathom 1 classes, she said.


The new standard comprises three aspects – the standard for pre-school administrations, the standard for teachers/caretakers to provide learning experiences and development-boosting play for toddlers, and the quality standard for preschoolers.


The latter is also further divided into two age groups – one for those aged 0-2 years and the other for those aged 3-6 years. These age groups were in the key turning point of life and so must be closely and consistently taken care of in line with the early childhood development stated in the 20-year National Strategy (2018-2037), she said.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30362143

-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-01-14

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47 minutes ago, CelticBhoy said:

Looks like they are re-inventing the wheel here  . . .

Not quite. All education systems are based on outcome learning. However, kindergarten has been pushed to the side and only P 1 to M 6 are covered. I actually think this is a good idea that might serve to give guidance to what needs to be taught to these children rather than leave it up to the wind.


I haven't seen these outcomes, or pamphlet, yet so I cannot say whether they are realistically set or not, but it is a step in the right direction.

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40 minutes ago, mok199 said:

As a father of a 5 yr old, in private school( which is not much better than a Govt school) I can say...IF YOU CARE ,TEACH YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME TOO...no matter what the outcome of this new ''handbook'', English language is not a priority in this Stuck country ,nationalism and bhudism is the curriculum...


30 minutes ago, RotBenz8888 said:

Absolutely agree. Some parents think it's very convenient to put their kids in school and assume the teachers will do the job....


If more parents got involved it would make our job a lot easier.

The problem is that most parents are involved up to primary one. They come to see their shows, they come to assembly, they drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon... but for some reason when the kids hit the primary 2-3 upwards the parents seem to stop getting involved. I guess we are just like all the other mammals and when the weening is over then we let our children to fend for themselves. 


Funny breed the human being...

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Education is just another business in Thailand.  The children are used to abstract money from parents for the least effort/expense by the schools.

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