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BANGKOK 18 January 2019 15:01

Ministry plans 5G Wi-Fi coverage for Angkor

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The Posts and Telecommunications Ministry plans to install fifth-generation Wi-Fi technology in Siem Reap province’s Angkor area to speed up internet and other online services for local and international tourists. Telecommunications Minister Tram Iv Tek on Friday led a meeting to discuss the 5G project with stakeholders at the ministry.


According to the ministry’s website, 5G Wi-Fi has a speed of about 20 gigabytes per second and can serve about one million devices at a time within a 20-square-metre radius. “The installing of the 5G Wi-Fi transmitters will not affect the beauty or environment of the site and there will be no extra excavation or construction in the Angkor area,” the ministry said.


Ministry spokesman Im Vutha yesterday said that the project to install the 5G Wi-Fi system is an initiative of the ministry to speed up processing tourist arrivals in Siem Reap and also to give them better Internet access. However, he said that the project has not yet been extended to cover the Angkor site which is under the control of the Apsara Authority and ICC Angkor.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50568570/ministry-plans-5g-wi-fi-coverage-for-angkor/


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“The installing of the 5G Wi-Fi transmitters will not affect the beauty or environment of the site"


Never mind the aesthetics. What about the health effects of 5g on men, women and children? 


A group of distinguished international scientists believes they could be catastrophic and are demanding a moritorium on the roll-out of the new technology.



Nobody appears to be listening. Cambodia is just one of many nations around the world with 5g being rolled out or in the pipeline. Businesses here are awaiting the government green light to join an electronics bonanza designed to bring the Internet of Things into millions of Thai homes.


If ever there was a case of the corporate tail wagging the political, dog, this is it. Let us hope the scientists can persuade politicians to slam the brakes on this suspect gravy train until it has been proved safe.

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