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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 11:45
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The Price Of Wine

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Maybe it is becasue they want us to start drinking, and enjoying the good local produced stuff.


Understand where you are coming from, but unfortunately Thai wine is just as expensive as the imported stuff, which is rather a shame really because Thai wine is just as good as the imported vino and is on the up and up.

aboslutly, im on mythird bottle today and its tasting better and better.

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A nonsensical post about "Mermaid" and "Commander" has been deleted. Haven't seen any mermaids and commanders mentioned in this topic so far, nor what they have to do with the price of wine. Let's stick to the topic, please. The "Mermaid" poster is kindly requested to refrain from posting in topics about wine.



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Please let me step in here as I am a freight forwarder.

Wine and any other alcoholic beverage needs an import license to be imported. It is correct what another poster said, there can only be ONE importer of ONE specific brand. As for wines, each vintage, quality determination and so on in short, every different label requires a separate import license.

The excise tax on alcoholic beverages are the same for imported and locally produced products. The difference is that locally produced beverages are not subject to import duties.

NB: The excise tax on products imported under an FTA is calculated on the theoretic result of {CIF value plus import duties as there was no FTA in place}

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