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Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

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huangnon    433
On 8/25/2017 at 8:21 AM, longball53098 said:

I guess the Beaver Bar has closed it doors since yesterday. I for one will miss the place.

Not closing, just moving premises a few doors up to the "Bottoms Up" location. Will be open again there soon.

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longball53098    151

I am hearing that Bottoms Up will be changing name to Kitty's Beaver Bar and Grill and maintaining the same food menu from the Beaver

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Jessi    2,929
On 6/24/2017 at 1:54 PM, LennyW said:

Ruam Chomson, the best by far and not on the beach. 


They used to be about 2/3rds down Phala road on the right in a nice wooden style building, now they have moved into their own new building. 

The new building is about 300m before you come to the old one, down a small soi on the left.

Price wise they are the same as all the rest but the quality is far superior.

Thanks Lenny,

Finally got to try the Ruam Chomson and its by far the best seafood restaurant in Ban Chang. The food was 9/10, Service 9/10, price was OK, 700B for two very hungry people  the location is a bit of a let down but cant have everything. It will become a regular place for Mrs Jessi & self.


Many thanks.



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Eff1n2ret    471
17 hours ago, RoyDee said:

He's a clever and active guy and wish him luck.

Certainly do. The other guy was as welcoming as Basil Fawlty.

Along the road, the Lord Nelson has picked up a bit. It's now mostly run by the big guy's daughter, a charming little lady  born and bred in the UK.

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