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True Visions Tv Download Programme Schedule

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Hi, I'm trying to decide which truevisions package to go for, either platinum or gold, but I am unable to find or download the monthly schedule from their site. Had no problem doing this last time I was in the LOS, (May), but for some reason can't find download now.

Also is their PVR system any good? Again, their seems to be a monthly fee for this, but NO details on their site.

Any help appreciated, have to make 25 km bus trip to their local office, and I'd prefer to know what I'm getting before I go.


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From their homepage menu select 'True Visions World'. The Schedule download link is at the right bottom. For PVR, download the magazine. There is a page long ad in there (in English). Platinum users can get it for 9.900 initially with a monthly 199 (or 299?) baht fee.

Here is the online link: http://pvr.truevisionstv.com/marketing/index.html

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