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Kanchanaburi To Chiangmai

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hill16    0

Hi guys,

Does anybody know of any direct transport between Kanchanaburi and Chiangmai other than car rental ie trains, planes, buses (private or public) etc? A mate of mine is in Kanchanaburi at the moment and wants to get up to CM without having to go into BKK for obvious reasons.

As always, your advice is appreciated.

Kind regards,


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WinnieTheKhwai    6,808

Sombat Tour run a bus service between Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. I believe it stops in Nakhon Patom, which is easily reached from Kanchanaburi. (Get a Thai person to) call them, the number is on their site: http://www.sombattour.com/

Or, option two would be to take the bus to Bangkok, but then find the bus that goes to the NORTHERN bus terminal (Mo Chit) This avoids having to cross all over Bangkok, as most buses from Kanchanaburi arrive at the Southern bus terminal.

Either way, expect it to be busy, as I'm sure he's not the only one needed to get somewhere with flights out...

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