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The amazing coincidence is that I had just read this thread about "de la" earlier today and then went outside for a breath of air, and as soon as I got outside I heard my girlfriend say "Suay de la" to our neighbour! Incredible coincidence! :o

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if i can afford it........aaaah.! that is the key problem... nyet... nichevo.... cant do no how....

the other problem is i can now read simple stuff, but if i hear a word, you really think i can write it? what with all those extra letters and vowels i have to choose from... surely your joking... :o my hebrew spelling is also bad.... cant imagine i'lll improve in thai...

ok, neeranam, what is 'ler' ??ler - เหรอ as opposed to 'เด้อ ละ' ?? dialect difference, or meaning difference???

curioser and curioser....

i am printing this stuff out to day as am visiting some man w/thai wife (she writes thai-tel aviv newspaper, ) will attempt to sort this out!!.

BTW have started to read recipes in same newspaper; they also have vocab lists for workers so i do the thai half... after 10 minutes i get a headache... why are all thai fonts so small???

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.... why are all thai fonts so small???

I think you mean "why are they so difficult to read when they are small" and I think this is not so much that they're so small, it's that you (and me) need to be able to identify every loop and curve in each character in order to recognise them. Thai people will recognise them just from the general shape - just think of your own language and how small the letters can be while you still can recognise them. There are only a few bumps, loops and curves on the Thai letters that differentiate them, but you - and I - as beginners just haven't learnt which bits are critical.

As an example, look at some of the fonts used in advertising or on food stuffs - the raw reualooks like an S, but that's OK for Thais because only a raw reua has that shape.

I think as you learn to recognise the characters - through sheer practice - you will be able to recognise them when they are small because your brain will know which bits to look for. I hope that makes sense. :o

P.S. Benjawan Poomsan Becker's Thai-English dictionary has these Thai fonts and shows how each character can be displayed using them - very good for learning the "critical bits" in the Thai characters.

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