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Ban Sare

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You have 'lived' in Pattaya for 9 years and never gone down the road to Ban Saray? Really? You can see it from Jomtien Beach!

Why don't you pop down there this weekend? You don't need a ThaiVisa or anything!

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Does anyone live in Ban Sare who's on TV?

Looks like the move is 100% on, having lived in Pattaya on and off for 9 years kinda know my way arround but need the local low down ........anyone?

I do


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I live in Bang Sare out 4 kilos from the main town.

I love it far enough away from the town & close enough to everywhere when you need to get out. Once a week for groceries in Pattaya good enough for me. Coldest beer in the Pattaya areas & when thieving occurs the cops actually catch the basTURDS!

You have to be willing to have a countryish mindset. 2 lakes a kilo -2 kilos away & the ocean is only 4 kilos from where I live. You only really need Air conditioning 4-6 weeks a year as the wind is always happening cooling down the area off the mountains.

When hot season comes the wind leaves. When I lived in Pattaya air con all the time in the concrete jungle.Food no problem the carts & trucks service the area just the same as Pattaya & the deals are often much better & more arroy!

I would avoid the beach as stated a lot of work going on, but in 5-10 yars bang Sare will become the burbs of Pattaya.

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