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BANGKOK 14 December 2018 03:15

12v Garden Lighting ?

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I did a search (honest) but was surprised not to find anything on 12v lighting.

I have a few of the Clay Typical Thai Garden Candle pots (for want of a better description) that I want to put some small candle like lighting in.

I automatically thought 12v but haven't seen any 12v or low voltage lighting here apart from the usual flourescent tubes.

If no 12v then will I be OK with 240V on a ELCB circuit breaker ? The pots are only likely to get wet in a gale.

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did you mean the solar type ones as discussed on this forum?

IMO solar ones arent any good

best to have mains powered lights and place low wattage bulbs, i would have water resistant light fittings on a timer or daylight switch to ensure a trouble free system

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Have a look here where I posted about 12v LEDs. They're 1 watt. You can also get 12v downers - 20w, 50w.

Mains going out the house, and especially into the garden, should really be on an RCD... best off going with 12v if poss. :)

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