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Rawai To Set Trash Collection Times

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Rawai to set trash collection times


The influx of tourists visiting popular sites like Laem Phromthep generates up to 20 tonnes of solid waste in Rawai daily. File photo.

RAWAI, PHUKET: -- A recycling campaign launched by Rawai Municipality will include the removal of public garbage bins from streets and the introduction of fixed collection times.

Rawai Mayor Aroon Solos said locals and tourists visiting Rawai tourist sites generate about 20 tons of solid waste daily in the high season.

“The municipality has an ongoing campaign encouraging both local residents and tourists to sort their trash prior to collection. Now we are launching a recycling campaign, income from which will be used to fund environmental protection projects,” he said.

Some of the income generated from the sale of recyclable materials would also be used to fund local kindergartens and activities at the local mosque, he said.

As part of the campaign, the municipality will stop putting trash cans by roadsides and will instead adopt fixed collection times when residents should bring their garbage for collection, he said.

Similar strategies are already in place on other parts of the island, such as Patong.


-- Phuket Gazette 2010-02-02


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VDO on http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/prev...hp?news_id=1299


item--1 Phuket's less plastic bags campaign is to kick off on Valentine’s Day.

The joint efforts of local authority and businesses is carried out under the theme ‘Phuket Green Island’. Phuket Vice Governor Teerayut Eamtrakul said at least 23 businesses and stores have signed a MOU – Memorandum of Understanding with the authority to join in the program. The active campaign is scheduled to kick off during February 13-15 at Central Festival Phuket where participating shops would disclose ways of their participation. On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the Minister of Energy is scheduled to preside over the official kick-off event. The vice governor stressed that even though the plan is to get rid of plastic bags, the idea is to start by educating people and get them participating. He said it needs to explain clearly that the island is facing a crisis in waste disposal and that change in behavior concerning plastic bags need to take place. The working committee expects that the project would help reduce at least 5 tons of waste per year.

item-2- Rawai Municipality is campaigning for waste separation from households.

The campaign was put into action when Director–General for Environmental Quality Promotion Department Mrs. Orapin Wongchumpis presided over the campaign by getting used material donations. People bring recycled material such as glass bottles to donate or contribute to the Rawai Municipality’s Environment Fund. The Rawai Mayor Arun Soros admits that his area faces large increases in waste amounts due to tourism growth. His office is therefore urging residents and tourists to separate waste from their premises. They include paper, plastic bottles, & glass bottles to send for recycling procedures. On the first day, the organizer received 6.5 tons of recyclable waste which was worth 21,700 baht in cash.

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