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Register E-Commerce Business

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I have successful e-commerce website with my Thai partner, as its e-commerce we don't really need a office or company registration at the moment.

I went to this website http://www.dbd.go.th...tory/index?L=en but when I click on register, it wrong page.

Can any one please tell me what are the procedures to register a e-commerce business (or register as business is good?)

(Admin - this is duplicate topic, I posted in other category, no replies so I am posting here, please don't flag off)

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As you are conducting business in Thailand, you must comply with the requirements below: (excerpt from Thai-trade.com)

1. Objectives

To prepare record of e-commerce entrepreneur

To have data, statistic and certificates of e-commerce entrepreneurs in Thailand

To ensure e-commerce operation for consumers (consumers know that entrepreneurs have already registered with Department of Business Development)

To give credit to e-commerce entrepreneurs (the other way to do public relations for entrepreneur)

To centralize the data of e-commerce for entrepreneurs and consumers

2. Policy

An e-commerce entrepreneur has to register to the Department by the virtue of Commercial Registration Act,1956. The entrepreneurs are as follows:

an ordinary person (sole proprietorship, non-registered ordinary partnership, group of person)

a juristic person (registered ordinary partnership, limited partnership, limited company, public company)

3. Guidelines for the registration

Both ordinary person and juristic person located in Thailand have to register by the virtue of Commercial Registration Act, 1956 in order that the Department can have data, statistic and certificates of the entrepreneurs

4.Criteria/conditions of entrepreneurs who have to register

- being an ordinary person or a juristic person located in Thailand

- offering a sale or a purchase of goods or service by internet

- being a normal commerce

- delivering goods/service (on-line or off-line)

5.Documents for the registration

- the request of commercial registration (Thor.Phor. Form)

- the copy of identification card of the manager/partner up to cases (in case of an ordinary person)

- the copy of certification registration and of identification card of managing partner/authorized board up to cases (in case of a juristic person)

- details of the website

- an authorization letter (if any)

6.Identification of business type

- identify normal business and add the words "by electronic media via internet system" at the end for example "sell books by electronic media via internet system", "deliver drinking water by electronic media via internet system" etc.

The Department prepares registering information for public to scrutinize and to realize the status of e-commerce entrepreneurs. The Department studies, analyzes the information of e-commerce entrepreneurs in order to classify business and applies it as a guideline and strategy to promote the development of e-commerce.

The e-commerce website is currently still being updated in its English version but the Thai version is up and running.

DBD Website

You can contact Sunbelt Asia at (66)2-642-0213 or email us here. Please visit our website for more information on doing business, working, investing, travelling, owning real estate, or starting your own business in Thailand at www.sunbeltasiagroup.com. We are located at 1 Ratchadaphisek Rd., Floor 26, Bangkok, Thailand 10400 and can easily be reached by public transportation at the Rama 9 subway stop, with the office located in the CP Tower II inside the Fortune Town complex.


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