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BANGKOK 18 November 2018 23:50

If You'Re Listening To Music Now... Whats Playing? 4

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It's called "Lushlife" by an American band called Bowery Electric.

Cinephile - Delicate Times

If you want to extract the audio and convert it to an mp3, click the "Share" button underneath the video on the youtube site and then copy/paste the link into the field on video2mp3(dot)com. Edited by Xircal

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What else do I listen to (when I'm not studying the thai language) except KISS!!

Here is a song which, when it was released, was panned by the critics in the US. I guess it was too disco at that time!

But when it is played 'live', it still ROCKZ!!

It's called;

"I Was Made 4 Luvin' U"


Enjoy (or NOT). As the thais here say "Up-2-U"!!

Now anyway you measure it, that was a frickin' LONG wire-fly over the crowd. ..

Show me ONE band that does a show like KISS and I'll switch bands tomorrow!!

BUT no band in the entire world does a show like they do.... Deal with it, or take it to your grave!

Edited by tod-daniels
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