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Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

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Anyone have any idea what's open today?

Coffee shops, restaurants etc?

I suppose it would depend upon the individual.


Just wondering if it's worth going for a drive.

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Well we ended up at Maccas which will close at 3pm along with the rest of Central.

That end of town is chaos with thousands of people streaming into the old airport area.

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On 7/16/2017 at 5:47 PM, YetAnother said:

one guy ordered a half 'meat lovers' and the other half 'vegetarian' !!!

Thanks for the tip on this restaurant! Coming back from Mae Sai have usually stopped for lunch/dinner at one of the so-so Thai places in the tourist areas. The sign for Mekong Pizza is a little hard to see, but found it yesterday using gps. The pizza and cheese steak were very good. The pizza crust and bread for the sandwich were really exceptional. Clean, friendly place with air con or outdoor seating. The half and half pizza option helped serving our group. This will become a regular stop for me. 

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New find in Chiang saen District;

Namely Mountain Creek Vineyard;

Despite the name ,you go there for the food at the restaurant;

All Western food ,about 12 items on the menu;

Beer and wine, seating inside and out;

You can read my review on TripAdvisor...;

Adding to that review which was 3 months ago I have tried everything on the menu save two items all of the food is exceptionally good; they will make chicken cordon bleu on occasion, off the menu, the club sandwich ,the cheeseburger, the pork chop, the chicken teriyaki and the fish and chips , the schnitzel (also used in the club sandwich) are all very very good;

Coffee snobs believe their coffee is number one in the area; they also have a Bakery and make their own Sweets;

The type of place that you will likely stay an hour longer than you originally planned;

Kevin the owner will give you an interesting tour of the vineyard;

Excellent English ,German ,and Thai












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3 hours ago, XJ650 said:

Here it is : Mountain Creek

good map;

if coming from Chiang Rai City, take highway 1 30ish Km north to mae chan , go thru the bulk of the city and look for the 1016 sign turning east (right); that sign is on a 3 way intersection with traffic light on the northish edge of mae chan;

there is a sign on 1016 saying '1016' but it is largely useless as it is after the turn;

then about 20 km on 1016, you will see a good sized temple with a large tree in the front parking lot; this is on the lefthand side (north side); turn there onto 4060, which bends around the temple complex

if coming from Chiang Saen city (where i live ) , you find the huge white arch on the bypass road (there is only  one such arch); that road is 5033; that road is a killer road with tight , blind turns;

not at all suited for bicycles or night driving; often instead of  going on 5033 (i live on it) for 6 km, we go the long way around (1016 to 4060) , 16 km just to avoid that dangerous road, 5033;

twice as far but can go twice as fast

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