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Thai Police Pounce On Prolific Panty Perv

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Thai police pounce on prolific panty perv


Police are calling on Mr Phanu's victims to come

forward to reclaim their panties and bras.

PHUKET: -- A motorbike taxi driver caught red-handed with a bag full of used bras and panties was later found in possession of thousands of women's undergarments at his home.

After arresting 46-year-old Phanu Phloisuwan on September 26, Samut Prakarn City police found a trove of more than 5,000 undergarments, mostly stolen from washing lines over a two-year period.

Most of the items were found hanging from walls inside Mr Phanu's apartment, while others were scattered in piles on the floor. Still more were stuffed into plastic bottles.

After his arrest, Mr Phanu told police that the sight of women's underwear sexually aroused him, so he stole them and used them for "sexual gratification".

The hero that ended Mr Phanu’s spree was Chuchat Dulyaphatson, the ladyboy village headman of Village 3 in Tambon Thaibanmai.

After receiving numerous reports of panty theft from young women in the area, Mr Chuchart handed Mr Phanu over to police on September 26.

Mr Phanu told police that some of the underwear was given to him, some he bought himself and the rest was snatched from washing lines outside apartment blocks and rental homes in the neighborhood.

Mr Chuchart said he went to investigate after hearing reports of stolen underwear from teenage girls, students and night workers.

On the morning of September 26, Mr Chuchart was searching the neighborhood with a police officer when he noticed Mr Phanu acting suspiciously.

When they opened the suspect's bag, they found it full of women's underwear.

Samut Prakarn City Police Deputy Superintendent Somphon Wongsrisoonthorn said Mr Phanu will be charged with theft.

Mr Chuchart is asking any women in the area who have lost underwear to come forward to inspect the panty haul and see if their undergarments are among those swiped by Mr Phanu.


-- Phuket Gazette 2010-09-30

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Well I suppose there's a whole lot worse perversions in the world than getting off over women's underwear but 5,000 items would indicate that the act of theft was as important as what came later. :ermm::D

But I wonder how many women are going to be claiming their undies knowing what, or who, has been inside them?

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is this story 'really' Headline News??? !!

i'm interested to know,,, is this really a big crime? to posses stolen underwear?

It sounds more like 'petty theft'.

if someone stole my underwear, I would be honored to be part of this magnificent collection!!

PS: iin some Thai movies I saw some funny scenes about underwear theft. (is it a common crime in Thailand?) what do Thai people think about it? or is it more of a joke to laugh at? or do they regard it as serious?

for me, I cant really see the harm done, (except that maybe he should pay back money to cover for the stolen items)

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Actually, it's horribly sad this story.  Imagine: what sort of life has the guy lived?  The only way he can relate to a woman (or to his own sexuality) is through a mountain of knickers.  (And just think of some of the smells in the unwashed knickers.)  He is as sad as guys who buy <i>Playboy</i> or watch the<i> Playboy</i> channel.   Lonely masturbatory fantasies.  He also lives in a culture that puts a "price" on a woman's head, so naturally he will never be able to see a woman <b>as</b> woman, but rather, only through the lens of some object.  <br><br>Life is cheap....<br>

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Fantastic headline and well done to the "the ladyboy village headman" &lt;deleted&gt;

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Quality AND quantity.

I'd say only in Thailand, but he is not the only one with this fetish.

But only in Thailand could he get away with it so long and prolifically.

And he actually admitted his olfactory usage to the police when he was caught.

The mind boggles!

Puts in a new level of definition for Panty Raid.

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