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The New Skytrain

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On 8 January 2018 at 5:58 PM, Lakegeneve said:


10) Purple Line ext south. Taopoon to WWY then to Ratburna: 23.6 km. 17 stations (12.6km 10 stations underground, 11km 7 stations elevated). Note: Approved for tender by Cabinet on 25 July. Tender delayed due to PPP proposal. If construction starts by mid 2018, a 2024 is likely. 

Route: https://www.facebook.com/MRTA.PR/videos/1875103962706329

11) Orange Line Phase 2, west section: From TCC to Bang Khun Non (Charan Sawitwong rd). 17.5km, 13 stations underground. Tender delayed due to PPP proposal.
12) Blue Line west ext to Phutthamonthon sai 4: 7.8km, 4 stations elevated.


13) SRT Dark Red Line north ext suburban line from Rangsit to Thammasat Uni: 8.5kms, 4 stations

14) SRT Light Red line extension: Taling Chan to Salaya to Siraj, 13km, 6 stations

15) BTS S4 Suksa Wittaya station to be built in 2018.

16) BTS N6 Sena Ruam station to be built in 2018



20) Airport Rail Link (ARL) extension from Phayathai to Bangsue to Don Meaung (DMK): 21.8km, 5 stations (much delayed)

A few updates;


1) The SRT Dark Red line ext from Rangsit to Thammasat Uni should be approved by Cabinet soon and tendered a few months later,

2) Likewise, the SRT Light Red line ext from Taling Chan to Salaya tender by July/August,

3) The Eastern HSR line has now advanced to preparation of a tender -reportedly by May. The ARL extension to DMK which is now part of the Eastern HSR line to U-Tapoa will thus finally be tendered. So we might  see work starting by early 2019 as this section is the 1st tender. Not quite the 2013 priority tender as it then was but getting there......(Which of course means working on this ext right alongside the Dark Red line works!)


4) Still expect the MRT Purple line southern ext and MRT Orange line western ext extensions to be tendered around mid year if not sooner for one of these.

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