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Garmin Connect Swaps To Bing Maps

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garmin connect (site where you can upload your bike rides, among other things, if you use a garmin GPS) recent upgrade swapped from google maps to microsoft bing maps. pretty disappointing.

bing is a massive fail here in thailand:

  • no terrain layer,
  • the satellite imagery is pretty much useless at large scales,
  • ditto for the road network which is missing some rural roads, has no route numbers on most existing rural roads,
  • no political boundary data below province,
  • real drought of places compared to google,
  • the cartography looks like some grade school drew the maps in crayons.


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You are right not as good as google. If you have a look just under the map (on garmin connect) there is a tab for Google Earth so you can view it on there.

You could try www.mapmyride.com you can download you rides direct from your Garmin.

Do you use www.cyclogs.org nice little site to log your rides.

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yeah i know you can view rides in GE but i use connect because it's everything in one place. i've been using plus3network as a backup to connect, not as good but it has the added benefit of charitable donations.

not a big fan of mapmyride, the ads are way too much and the site is in general too busy for my taste.

never tried www.cyclogs.org but it crashed when i tried to register ;-)

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...any riders have good feedback concerning he latest iteration of v 11 of Thai maps from ESRI?

I brought over RAM mounting hardware fro my Honda Wave and my mtn bike. The key with a mtn bike is to install the squishable RAM ball facing forward and NOT vertical. Getting launched over the handlebars is tough enough without gut-wrenching hardware in the way...

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