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150Cc & Over Scooter

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As it's difficult to find information about this motorcycle, I will put all in one post !

I create a previous topic, but I need to clarify and tell about what i found :

Vespa : 2 motorcycles - 300cc & 150cc

Place of Origin : Thailand

Model Number : GTS 300 - LX 150 i.e.

Engine Capacity : 278 cc - 150CC

Engine : 4 Stroke

Tank Capacity : 9.20 litres (2.43 gallons) - 8.6

Color : Nero Lucido, Giallo Lime, Montebianco

Prices : 99.000 ThB for the 150cc

Pictures :

300cc - http://www.ericdelbr...spa-gts-300.jpg

150cc - http://images.psndea...olcanoBlack.jpg

Yamaha Majesty & T-MAX

Place of Origin : Thailand

Model Number : Majesty

Engine Capacity : 395c - 499cc

Engine : 4 Stroke

Color : Black, White


Majesty : http://otocontest.co...-majesty400.jpg

Tiger - PGO

G-Max 150

PGO G-Max 220 EFI (if anybody know where to buy this beauty, I will buy it CASH !!!)


150cc - http://www.mocyc.com.../1246548083.jpg

220cc - http://www.pgo.se/sv...g-max%20220.png

Contact for PGO resseller Thailand : (find here : http://www.motorcycl...?showtopic=1387)

Gem Co. Ltd

888/8 Moo 5, Srinakarin Rd.,


Samutprakan 10270

Tel. 02-385 8888

Sym Fighter 150

150cc sporty scooter, with Ceramic plating four-stroke single cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 11.2:1. This is the ideal machine for people who want the fastest small engine scooter available in Thailand.



If you have information about other bikes, resellers, prices, or anything else, tell me and I will update this post !

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I don't quite like the looks of all of them.

I won't deliver pizzas and I don't plan on shooting down fighter airplanes.

And what's up with those small wheels?

Why can't they just make some Nuovo or Airblade with a 150 or 200cc engine?

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Tiger Motorcycles offer the G-Max 150; not sure about the 220 model though. Best person to contact is mbox about various Tiger models offered.

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TMax sold in Thailand are Calif spec, but not sure if they are US or Japs made. Great scoot, still miss my 2006

I believe Vespa sold in Thailand are made in Vietnam, duty free as ASEAN

a PCX 250 would be nice, and still free of excice tax in Thailand. Larger brakes, tyres able to cope with speed and new auto able to handle the power

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