BORDER DISPUTE Veera sentenced to eight years in Cambodian jail By The Nation The Cambodian Court on Tuesday sentenced Veera Somkwamit, leader of Thai Patriots Network to eight years in jail and his secretary to six years in jail for spying. The ruling came late Tuesday after hours of hearing during which Veera and Ratree Pipattanapaiboon denied the charges of spying. The two are among seven Thais arrested while inspecting a site in Sa Kaew province late last year. The five others including a Democrat MP Panich Vikitsreth were freed after being given a nine-month suspended jail term for illegal entry. The duo were also charged of spying. Meanwhile police have reinforced its security at the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok on Tuesday following the Cambodian court's hearing. Thai police have been ordered to strengthen the security at the Cambodian embassy to prevent any possible chaos. Veera was taken from Prey Sar prison as he was the only one still detained there, while his secretary, Ratree who was earlier granted bail, has arrived at court by Thai embassy van. Veera was not seen as having a worried expression as his previous court appearance. He shouted to reporters waiting outside the court that he was fine and would not accept the charges and would fight the accusation. The hearing caught a huge media attention but not for Cambodian citizens as most were leaving Panom Penh to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family in other provinces. -- The Nation 2011-02-01