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Veera Sentenced To Eight Years In Cambodian Jail

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More espionage against the "good government" of Hun Sen, except this time, it's homegrown... but it sounds like the charges are equally well justified:

Border priest held for spying

The chief priest of a pagoda in Preah Vihear province was arrested on charges of spying for Thailand after writing down the license plate of an RCAF vehicle that witnesses claim held a confiscated Buddhist statue. Chuk Som, police chief of Choam Ksan district’s Kantuot commune, said today that Toeun Pheap, 33, was arrested after writing down plate numbers of RCAF tanks, personnel carriers, and trucks that were stationed at the Svay Chrum pagoda.

Sao Yath, representative for villagers in Svay Chrum village, said that at his request, Toeun Pheap wrote down the number of the car that removed the Buddhist statue from the pagoda. He said the provocation was related to the authority’s order to local villagers in early January to leave their houses. Many villagers in Svay Chrum refused orders to leave their property to make way for tourist and commercial development projects led by Preah Vihear National Authority.

"It is just an accusation to put him in prison and force people to leave the village after we refused their deadline to vacate," Sao Yath says. "We do not serve Thailand. We wrote down a license plate to file a complaint, but the authority is using this to accuse us of wrongdoing and pressure us to comply with their orders," Sao Yath says.


Phnom Penh Post - January 31, 2011


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In any event rest assured, any bargaing chips used on either side will come down to MONEY; the great Pain reliever.

No. It's political currency that these bargaining chips hold. That's far more valuable than money, believe me.

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Buchholz, why are you defending these people? They asked for trouble and they got what they asked for.

In the video you posted in post #77, they clearly indicate the point at which they enter Cambodian territory. They knew what they were doing. They played with fire, and they got burned. I wonder whether you would defend Westeners clearly trying to enter Thai territory across a "green border" (i.e. not an official check-point) and getting arrested, or anybody taking pictures of an East-German military installation (marked or not) which would have put you in prison for more than eight years.

Yes, it probably (and maybe even certainly) has to do with Hun Sen flexing his muscles. But Veera and his entourage *knew* that this would happen, and they provoked it on purpose! It is very strange that you defend these people. They wanted the publicity, and now they pay the price. Not a surprising price, either.

If (for some reason) they are released from prison in Cambodia, I hope they get improsined in Thailand for causing great problems to Thailand and it's foreign affairs policies. They are certainly not Thai "patriotes" but have caused major troubles to Thailand.

Did East Germany have any military installations that one could wander into from West Germany on an afternoon stroll?

To repeat, punish them for their trespassing, but espionage? Sorry, it doesn't wash with the reality.

Footage of a dusty road and a small rural farming village with no military presence doesn't constitute spying. Nor does it qualify it as a "military base."

I'm not defending their actions, only pointing out the ridiculousness of their additional charges and their unjustified lengthy imprisonment, particularly that of co-defendant Ratree.

You may or may not be getting the point. Have you ever considered the political nature of their actions rather than the legal points?

Are you a lawyer, or do you understand international politics? A lawyer might care about a dusty road, but in a political dimension this goes far beyond your line of argumentation.

That said, I might be out of this thread very soon.

I'm well aware of the political nature of the whole incident. I'm merely showing that both sides are escalating the situation by pointing out the farcical nature of their absurd charges. The group was wrong to enter Cambodia and Cambodia was wrong for throwing the book at them on trumped up charges. I condemn both entities.

I'd be curious as to what their lawyers actually did say in the case. Unfortunately, that nor any of the specifics of the charges have been reported on.

Also, unfortunately, it opens the arena of retaliation and as mentioned earlier, Cambodia has a lot more illegal entrants in Thailand rather than the reverse and thus has much more to lose, but that's the way Hun Sen has chosen to play it.


Buchholz, cool down. You have no right to condemn anybody, you are a guest over here - of course, for some reason I assume that you are European.

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