Boy swallows needle By The Nation For 30 hours, the suspense was excruciating after a seven-month-old boy accidentally swallowed a needle when a nurse was about to give him an injection. The one-inch-long needle slipped into the wideopen mouth of Naruebet Boonmark when he wriggled to avoid the jab for a urinarytract infection. After the long wait, the baby passed the needle without any perforations or lodgement at Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital yesterday. "But we will keep him under close medical supervision to make sure the needle really had no impact on his health," hospital director Kitti Kositrangsakul said. Xrays showed that the needle travelled down his throat to his stomach, then to his large intestine. "It's possible for human bodies to excrete such items," Kitti said. The nurse should take the blame for the mishap, he said. When the baby clearly tried to resist and struggled hard, she should have called one or two more coworkers to help restrain him instead of letting the mother handle him alone. The hospital has provided some remedial assistance for Naruebet's family. The baby's mother and grandmother were under great stress when they realised that the needle had entered his body. The nurse was shocked too. After the needle came out, the family said they had no plan to sue the nurse, as they understood that it was unintentional. -- The Nation 2011-02-02