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How To Delete All Chat Messages In Facebook At Once ?

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i've heard that ya have to do 1 at A time.But I could be wrong on this.

About facebook supposely the problems in the middle east with Tunisia people complained on facebook then egypt,and also libya .

I mean if not for facebook maybe some other social site in the future.

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In the meanwhile I have spend an hour+ to delete everything, not one by one but all at once per contact, 5 clicks per contact. Found no other way.

Fb has very good things (found back some friends from long ago) but there's many things wrong as well, in stead of some 'big' websites that try to make it as convenient as possible for their members, it seems listening to users feedback is a very hard thing for them. 'Tagging photo's, misused by Facebook stores to spam their products is seen as the biggest annoyance, 'status updates' and 'friend suggestions' is also useless crap. They should get rid of all that stupid apps for kids, after all we don't need kids on Facebook. Yesterday I found an app that warns you when someone end her/his relationship (so you can jump in if you like her/him) Hate it but I keep and use it. Privacy is still not important for them at all, and just a few selected contacts with interesting stuff are able to post on my wall. Facebook is designed for Facebook, to make them grow like crazy, but not for users' convenience.

The best alternatives ? two interesting articles here and here. I have never heard of friends using Orkut, Bebo or Friendfeed (I think I like that one)...

Good day ;)

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