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Crossdressing In Thailand

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JemJem    361

Firstly, yes, I know that crossdressing is not necessarily a gay thing :) But, I wanted to post this topic here rather than, say, in the general section because I wanted to attract fewer bigoted comments. As we all know, sadly, there is quite a bit of bigotry in the forum.

Anyway, I am gay and I like to crossdress. The interesting thing is that I have only recently (in the past 2 years or so)gotten into it and I am 43 already (although most people say I look around 35) !

In a country where there are lots of stunning transgendered people and lots of effeminate gay guys, crossdressing and looking really good can be a challange of course :)

Any of you here into crossdressing ? Of course there can also be the debate as what crossdressing should include but anyway, I will just write along what are considered generally-accepted thoughts. For instance, I have my own limits regarding myself, when it comes to crossdressing. By the way, I am not a closet crossdresser. I crossdress outdoors.

Anyway, I don't wear a skirt or a dress or feminine blouses/tops. And, I don't go for eye makeup. My favorite style when in Thailand (and when in Turkey between May-October)is short shorts (yes, I regularly shave my legs...hehe), a t-shirt and feminine flip flops). I also always wear toerings (one on each mid-toe) and an anklet (one on the left only usually) when wearing flipflops. I sometimes do makeup but usually only pink/pinkish lipstick and some blush-on...and sometimes nail polish (if I don't feel lazy...hehe).

'That is not really crossdressong', some of you might say but hey, how many guys do you see in Thailand wearing short shorts (I am actually sick of seeing long shorts on men....hey, remember the good old days in the 70's and 80's when even in the NBA, short shorts were the norm ?)and how many guys do you see with nail polish on ? Right now, I am staying in Kao San area and my wearing short shorts attracts quite many stares/looks from some folks.

Of course, there is other 'feminine-effect-giving' stuff that I go for......eg. colorful bracelets and caps that usually women go for. Oh, and I went for nose piercing last year but unfortunately irritation occurred and didn't go away after even 2-3 months so I had to say bye to it for good. As you are aware, mostly women go for nose piercing (the single stud one, I mean...not the hoopy one). And, I wear a hoopy earring on each ear.

As another feminine thing, I would love to go for a rose or a butterfly tattoo near an ankle but I am worried about the infection risk. I guess I should just stick to temporary/henna tattoos.

I would like to know about your thoughts and experiences on this topic.



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