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About Banks Being Open Today

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Think maybe NO, 2 houses down he is a Branch Manager, + 3 houses up she works in a different Bank, both there cars in in the garages.

K.Bank + Banks in the Malls have different opening times so maybe they will be open today...

In all these years here Saturday learnt something, went a few Villages down the road to Tesco Express, next door is Bangkok Bank [my bank] and next K.Bank, 4:30 pm very surprised K.Bank was open, I asked a Thai and yes this Branch is open 11am - 9pm and 6pm on a Saturday

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Our local BKK Bank was closed yesterday (and obviously today).

What is interesting and nice is that they are open all day every SUNDAY, always quiet, no queue, staff is one security guard, one teller and the under-manager :)

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BANGKOK 18 January 2018 14:44