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Let's Learn One Word A Day.

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This is a great idea! :D

I'm definately a biginner, can use all the help I can get.

I'll check back often, hope this thread stays alive!

How about a beginners thread?

There are a lot more beginners on this forum than experts or advanced.

Great idea Neeranam.

Although I've been here a while, I'm an absolute Thai language novice. :o

Great idea Neeranam I third that - Count me in - but certainly need the tansliteration to be accompanied by the written Thai for proper pronunciation & hopefully future recognition.

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that thread should be pinned! I'm in!

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Beginner - แปรงสีฟัน bpraeng see® fan - toothbrush

OK guys... let's get this rolling... :o

If this is todays word for us beginners, can someone please explain how it is pronounced?

I mean, we've got to have some consistencies in pronunciation, as transliteration into English may not sound quite the same for everyone.

For example, I thought the word for tooth was pronounced more like fun than fan?

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Perhaps if those with previous Thai knowledge agree to use the standard transliteration on Mike's site www.thai2english.com then there will at least be some consistency.

This also makes it easier because with a cut and paste you also have tone marks.



bpraeng sĕe fan




boyfriend or girlfriend ; lover ; partner

fan ; supporter

What I think would be nice is a clean thread with no discussion in it just a word, it's translation and transliteration and an example sentence or two. Any questions could be in another thread.

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I would advise against that method as we all come from different places and pronounce English words differently.

I suggest leaving any very basic pronunciation questions out as this would take up too much time and anyway there are guides on this in other places.

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