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Dermaheu Cream

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I live in canada and I would like to get few tube of DERMAHEU CREAM I happy to send money

my fungus on my foot has come back and this cream is best I have ever tried

please help



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Living in Switzerland, I can't help Homa with his request but I hope somebody else can. I know from personal experience how desperate one can get in trying to find the only remedy that cures a condition.

This is the Dermaheu cream being talked about (information taken from MIMS):


This cream is available in Thailand from pharmacies and its purchase requires no prescription. It is available in tubes of 5 g or 15 g. Homa, which size do you want?

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I see that Dermahue cream is a Thai copy of Quadriderm cream, a product of Schering Plough manufactured by MSD, the Thai subsidiary of a US company.


Active ingredients	                                Dermahue	Quadriderm
------------------	                                --------	----------
Betamethasone dipropionate equiv to betamethasone	0.05%	
Betamethasone valerate 		                                        0.05%
gentamicin sulfate equiv to gentamicin	                0.1%	
gentamicin sulfate		                                        0.1%
tolnaftate	                                        1%	        1%
iodochlorhydroxyquin 	                                1%	        1%

Homa, I believe Quadriderm should be available at pharmacies in Canada, perhaps with a different brand name, or otherwise you can order it from a US online seller. This should solve your problem immediately.

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It does seem to be a generic equivalent of Quadriderm cream which is available in Canada.

Other than that, best to contact the distributor here in Thailand directly: TNP Health Care Products

94/7 MOO 9 SOI YIMPRAKOB NGAM WONG WAN RD BANG KHEN, Muang, Nonthaburi, 11000new_phone_icon_active.gif66 2589202

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