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After 9Pm Drink Surcharge In Hua Hin?

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Is the 10% service charge also billed at the end on the cheque bin?As I stated many moons ago on here..why..oh why couldn't the 'hidden charges' at the end just be factored into the original price?It aint rocket science(or is it?)and would alleviate any of this long running soap opera..and make the whole simple process of buying a beer transparent!

So what 10% service charge is this then?

You just have to look at the bill I posted to see that there is NO 10% service charge.

Your the same fella that thought Thai v.a.t was 17%.

No pal..normally the 7% vat +10% service charge...Like I said if the 7% charge was just factored into the normal bill none of this crap would have eventuated

...Who else does it apart from the big name hotels?

Again what 10% service charge are you talking about????

El Murphy's don't charge a service charge.

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what bar???

El Murphy's I guess

Had the same experience earlier in the year when I was in El Murphy's. No menu offered, no mention of the prices being ++ and no mention of the price going up when the band was playing.

Didn't and wont go back. There are plenty more bars around who don't do this.

yes, el murphy's, that was the pub.

We're on our way to HH in a matter of weeks. I appreciate the heads up about a bar uninterested in doing the customer right. My Mama didn't raise no fool. I'll give this offending bar a wide birth.

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Posts making baseless accusations removed. Seems to me that some members like to fling accusations around with zero evidence except the fact that someone has disagreed with them.

I think this little flame filled personal feud has gone on long enough.


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Update on the surcharge from thaicbr, I see no reason to reopen the thread:

hi Sbk. this is reference the thread you closed. hua hin el murphy. drink charges. please update the thread to state that ALL service charges and government taxes are now included in the menu prices. also they have Leo draught at 90b a pint all day.

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