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Recommended Doctors And Medical Specialists

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This is to thank member chiang mai for his initiative and work in producing this important topic and for Sheryl for her feedback. Original Topic here.

This following list is derived from recommendations from other TV members living in Chiang Mai based on their personal experiences. Thai Visa has no information on these physicians beyond the recommendation provided by a TV member and is not in a position to guarantee the qualifications of those listed.

ALLERGIES & IMMUNOLOGY - (allergic conditions).

Awaiting forum input

ANESTHESIOLOGY - (chronic pain syndromes)

Dr Srirath Chaiyaphruk – (is also a specialist in acupuncture)

Rajavej Hospital, Hospital, 053-801999


Dr Patarapong

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Dr Tanawat Benjanuwatthra

Rajavej Hospital, and Sriphat 053-801999


Dr Surin & Dr Weerachai

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1


Dr Philip Parry BSc Chiro (Hons), MSc Chiro
(Paeds), FCC

Chiropractor (UK & Thai registered)

Tel: 080-8069966

Rajavej Hospital, Hospital CM, Tuesday and Friday 1pm - 7pm

DENTISTRY (All Aspects)

Dr Varaporn

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Dr.Chanika Sasomsin,

Prof. Korakot Boripantakul, Dr. Marisa Sukapatte

Grace Dental Care Clinic

45 Soi 11 Nimmanhemin Rd.

053 894 568/69

Dr. Joy, Dr Yai and others.

Elite Smile Dental Clinic

(next to Pantip Plaza)

053 288199

Dr Apaporn Limpastan

Rajavej Hospital, 053-801999

Dr Chatchai Charoensri

Rajavej Hospital, 053-801999


Prof Dr. Siri Chiewchanvit

119 Moonmuang Road, A Muang,
Chiang Mai 50200. Tel: 053 357085

Dr Ekarach Amornrungsun

Rajavej Hospital, 053-801999


My own recommendation

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital


Recommended by several members

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital


Dr Ampica

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1

EENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Dr Chalermpong Ariyadej

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300


Jaruwat Yossombat

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Prof. Dr. Kannika Phornphutkul

Rajavej, Hospital

053 801999

(is also a specialist in liver cancer)

Ass Prof Sandhu Trichak

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1

Dr Piset Pisetpongsa

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1


Dr Morgan

HCMC Clinic,

Hang Dong Road.

(almost opposite Tesco)

Monday-Friday 08.30-19.30 Hrs

Saturday 8.30 - 13.00 Hrs

053 804405


Dr. Tawachai

Loi Kroh Clinic,

62/2 Loi Kroh Road

opposite Wat Loi Kroh

Mon - Fri, 8am - 1pm, 4:30 - 8:30pm / Sat 8am - 1pm / Sun 4:30 - 8:30pm.

053 271571

Dr Teerapat

Chiang Mai RAM II ( Thepanya hospital)

(0)53 85 29 90

Dr Greg Greer (a US doctor),

Sriphat Hospital (0)53 5394 6900/1

CM Mediclinic

155/28 Moo 2,

Jed Yod-Yu Yen Soi 10,

T Changphueak,

A Mueang,

Chiang Mai,


Telephone: 0805 362362

Website: http://www.cmmediclinic.com


Dr. Ekacai Paiboonworachat

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Dr Jeerasak Intarukka

Rajavej Hospital,

053 801999

Dr Khomsan Prachongtat

Rajavej Hospital,

053 801999

Dr Wunchat Pangkreung

Rajavej Hospital,

053 801999

Dr Vinisch Seemakajorn

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999


Dr Mark Thong

National University Hosp. (Singapore)

(posted here because it's a difficult specialist skill to find)

+65 6772 2002


Dr Sharin (consultant to RAM)

Savitri-Sharin Clinic

near DK books.

95/2 Kochasarn Road

Hours Daily 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 5:00PM - 8:00PM


Dr Piyachat Wongyai

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Jit Jiraratsatit (speaks German also)

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Phat Jantanopsiri

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

NEPHROLOGIST - kidney diseases.

Dr Wirachat Lertnithiku

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

NEUROLOGY (Brain & C-spine)

Dr Surat Tanprawate, Sriphat

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1

Dr Nantawat Lerkittipat

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

OB/GYN (Female Reproductive)

Dr Warachon,

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1

Dr Sompong Trungtawatchai

Sriphat Hospital

053 5394 6900/1

Dr Suri Simaraks (female)

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Mungkorn Sawat

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999


Dr. Rattiya Cheewakriangkrai

M.D. Medical Oncologist / Hematologist

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

OPTOMETRY (vision care, frames and lenses)

Vision Center

Rajvitthi Rd. (near to the UN Irish Pub)

(not strictly in the medical arena but very highly rated for all aspects of eye exams and sensible costs of glasses and lenses)

OPHTHALMOLOGY (diseases of the eye and eye tests)

Dr Rungkiat Changwaiwit

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Wichai Pinthasawad

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Professor Dr Songsanguan Ausayakhon (MBA John Hopkins)

(specialist in cataract surgery)

Private Clinic on Sridonchair Rd 053449230

And at Sriphat Hospital

Dr Rachada and Dr. Paradee

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Choeng Jirawison, M.D (Opthalmic Surgeon, UC graduate)

Nakhornping Hospital (?)

Private clinic is at 253/1 Thannon Chang Phueak,


ORTHOPAEDIC (Bones/Joints)

Dr Sudhee Sudasna

Part time at RAM (two days/week)

053 920300

Dr Paiboon

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Dr Chanakarn Phornphutkul (sports medicine)

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999 and 053 204545

(Orthodpedic clinic opposite the hospital on the other side of the river)

Dr Preecha Chalidapong (Hand and wrist surgeon)

Chiang Mai RAM Hospital

053 920300

Dr. Tanewat Vaseenon Foot & Ankle Surgery (Orthopedic Trauma)
110 Intavaroros Rd, Sriphum Muang (Clinic)
Chiang Mai 50200
1730-2000 Mon-Thu 0900-1200 Saturday
Tel: 053 945 544
Mob: 080 8505087

Available at Sriphat & CM RAM also


Awaiting forum input

PEDIATRICS (Babies/Children)

Dr. Savitri

Savitri-Sharin Clinic

near DK books.

95/2 Kochasarn Road

Hours Daily 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 5:00PM - 8:00PM


Dr Charlie Phornphutkul

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999 (Note: is also the hospital Administrator)

Dr Somchart Chaiyavet

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Kamone Keawmanenuan

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999


Khun Took (and others)

Rajavej Hospital,

053 204545


There is a specialist government run psychiatric hospital in Chiang Mai, located on the South side of the moat, details are here:


Sombat Tapanya, PhD. Clinical Psychology - English speaker and studied US/Canada

155 Soi 6, Moo 10

Ban Suan Luang

Tambon Ban Wan

Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230

081 531 9336


Somboon Chaisrisawadisuk B.Sc. MD. FRCST
Dept of Plastic Surgery, Chiang Mai University
Clinic: 108 Samlan Road, Chiang Mai Gate
A. Muang, Chiang Mai
(It's the second shop house on left as you enter Samlan from CM Gate)
Hours: 1700 - 1900 Mon - Fri and 0900 - 1200 Saturday
Tel: 053 894057
Rajavej Hospital by appointment only.


Awaiting forum input

RADIATION ONCOLOGY - diagnoses and treats disorders with the use of diagnostic imaging, including X-rays, sound waves, radioactive substances, and magnetic fields.

This is undertaken only at Sriphat and Mahraj Hospitals, awaiting specifics


Dr Apaporn Limpatan

Rajavej 053 801999

RHEUMATOLOGIST - stiff muscles and pain in joints and associated structures

Awaiting forum input

UROLOGY (Urinary/Reproductive)

Dr Pruk Kithirathrakan

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr Jamroon Wattanasakult

Rajavej Hospital, 053 801999

Dr. Bunnakit

Sriphat, his own private clinic and occasionally at RAM

053 5394 6900/1

Sriphat is the private wing of the 2,300 bed Maharaj Nakorn Hospital - also known as Suan Dok (Suan Dork) Hospital, a large tertiary government teaching hospital affiliated with Chiang Mai University (CMU). All medical specialties are represented and the hospital is fully equipped to a high standard, including an excellent trauma centre. At Sriphat (also known the “Special Medical Services Center”) it is possible to see many of the most senior physicians affiliated with the CMU Medical School in a private capacity. No other hospital in the area offers the same range of expertise, and it is quite affordable. All of the doctors speak English to a decent standard or better and most of the administrative and nursing staff do also, but to varying degrees. There is also an efficient queuing system in place whereby a new patient can see a medical specialist within very short time scales and subsequent visits rarely involve more than a two hour wait. In this as in many government hospitals, the quality of care is much higher than the hospital’s general appearance and lack of amenities might suggest. Finally, this hospital has extensive 24 hour Accident and Emergency facilities, including an air ambulance.

Ramkamheng (“Ram”) Hospital is a private for-profit institution which is slightly more convenient in terms of language and waiting time, but also more expensive and offering a more limited range of medical specialties. In some cases physicians at CMU also have hours at RAM.

Rajavej Hospital, Hospital is a private 150 bed for profit hospital that specializes in Orthopedic and Gastrointestinal issues, it is priced between Sriphat and RAM and is staffed and equipped to cover most medical conditions. Rajavej Hospital, has a useful customer liaison function that provides translation and communication between Thai and English and Japanese, however, most doctors there speak English to a good standard.

Another well-known private hospital in the Chiang Mai area catering to the expatriate community is McCormick Hospital. Although private, it is non-profit, with rates that are similar to Rajavej Hospital,.

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