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Thailand Live Friday 23 Dec 2011

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Thailand Live Friday 23 December 2011

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Anti-drug office gives Thai rock star Sek Loso a week to talk and enter rehab


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UK Ambassador to Thailand Asif Ahmad replies to your questions


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Chelsea, Utd join hands with Singha for flood relief

Jintana Panyaarvudh

Nutdanai Charasjirawat

The Nation


Singha Corporation, a global partner of both Manchester United and Chelsea, conducted an auction of the memorabilia donated by players of both the clubs and raised Bt 1.68 million at the Crystal Design Center yesterday.

The money will be handed over to a charitable fund to help flood victims in Thailand.

There were 37 items from both clubs including shirts signed by players such as Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Nani, Ryan Giggs, Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba and Juan Mata, footballs signed by all firstteam players of each club, boots and armbands.

The highlight of the auction was Nemanja Vidic’s captain armband, which was bought by Piti Bhirombhakdi, group marketing manager and regional marketing director of Singha Corporation, for Bt120,000.

The most expensive item was a Manchester United shirt signed by all first team players at Bt155,000. The shirt was successfully bid by Sanae Jaruwarapirom, the owner of sporting goods company Nationman. His bid was worth Bt375,000 for a total of five items.

Another highlight of the auction was the boots of Fabio Da Silva, who wore it in the Champions League final against Barcelona in 20102011. It was bagged by an unknown bidder for Bt105,000.

"We feel good to have a chance to do something for Thai soccer fans," the Manchester United players said in a message to Thai fans.

Piti said that it was a fine opportunity for Manchester United and Chelsea to join hands and do something good for the society.

"The disaster affected many Thai people. Our company tried in our own humble ways to rehabilitate the people," he said.

Thailand was severely hit by the worst flood in half century that caused more than 700 deaths.


-- The Nation 2011-12-23

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Premier plans surprise for children

The Nation


Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is preparing a surprise for children on upcoming National Children's Day.

Held to mark the importance of children, it falls on the second Saturday of each January, which next year falls on January 14.

"I am not going to tell you about it now. I want to give children a surprise," Yingluck said when asked about gifts she had prepared for the young members of Thai society.

Yingluck yesterday unveiled the motto for 2012 National Children's Day: "Unity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Thainess and Technology Savvy".

The prime minister said she hopes the motto will encourage children to embrace unity, seek knowledge and wisdom, conserve their Thai character, and know how to use technology.

Yingluck has said her government would not be able to hand out tablet computers to children under the One Tablet PC per Child policy by National Children's Day.

"We are working on content for children's learning. The handout should start in the next academic semester," she said.

Asked whether her son would join the special activities to be held for children at Government House on January 14, Yingluck said, "I think so."

She did not confirm whether children would be allowed to sit on the prime minister's desk this year.

"I think there should be some surprises for the children," she said.

Yingluck said she planned to attend the National Children's Day activities at Government House on the morning of January 14, before heading to Chiang Mai for her government's first mobile Cabinet meeting.


-- The Nation 2011-12-23

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Security tightened in South after spate of attacks





Police in the three southernmost provinces are being forced to beef up security during the New Year holidays after 10 bomb and gun attacks in Yala and Pattani killed three people and injured 20 others.

On Wednesday, insurgents launched attacks in Yala's Bannang Sata, Than To and Krong Pinang districts and in Pattani's Ma-Yor, Kapho and Sai Buri districts. Also on Wednesday morning, a police flat in Narathiwat's Si Sakhon district came under a bomb attack but nobody was injured.

Karin Ma, 54, one of the three villagers wounded in the attack on a military post in Yala's Bannang Sata district, was pronounced dead at 1.24am yesterday. However, his 17-year-old son, Muhammadnuma, is showing positive signs of recovery from gunshot wounds in his shoulder and hand.

The two others killed were defence volunteers Kodech Manhor and Kumakuta Waba, who were ambushed and fatally shot by insurgents while riding a motorbike home in Pattani's Kapho district on Wednesday. Police have collected 20 spent cartridges from the scene.

Pol Lt-General Paithoon Chuchaiya, chief of the Police Operation Centre for Southern Border Provinces, said yesterday that in addition to the five attacks each in Yala and Pattani, suspected insurgents had also aimed M79 grenades and M16 assault rifles at Muang Yala's Lammai police station, resulting in a brief gunfight. A similar attack was reported at a military outpost in Bannang Sata district, resulting in three villagers getting injured from stray bullets, and at a border patrol police outpost in Than To district, he added.

Paithoon also cited a major attack in Pattani's Ma-Yor district, when suspected insurgents shot shopkeeper Sujinda Seubseng at 7.10pm to lure police and security officials to the scene before detonating a hidden bomb, which injured more than 20 people, including 10 police officers, four defence volunteers and five soldiers. Three of the policemen injured are in serious condition.

Another policeman was shot and injured in a separate incident in Muang Pattani district on Wednesday.

Saying that police was investigating the attacks, Paithoon revealed that since insurgents often launch violent attacks during the New Year holidays, the police had no choice but to beef up security.

Pattani police chief Maj-General Pichet Pitisetpan said Sai Buri, Kapho and Ma-Yor districts were the active areas of Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK) chief Masore Deurama and Muhammad Jajayarang, but added that police needed to probe further before confirming if the group was behind the attacks. Police also suspect that drug traffickers might be behind these attacks, because Kapho has seen drug dealers being arrested and war weapons being seized.

In related news, spokesman of the Region 4 Internal Security Operations Command, Maj-General Akara Tiparoj, initially said the attacks might be an attempt by the insurgents to cause chaos and discredit security officers. Akara said an urgent meeting had been held among senior officers of the three southernmost provinces to assess the situation and ensure that security measures are more efficient.


-- The Nation 2011-12-23

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