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Health Officials In Chiang Mai Warn Dengue Fever Outbreak A Possibility

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Health officials in Chiang Mai warn dengue fever outbreak a possibility

CHIANG MAI, 16 June 2012 (NNT) - It appears that an outbreak of dengue fever in this northern province is likely this year. Since the beginning of the year, Chiang Mai has seen over a hundred cases of dengue fever.

Dr. Wattana Karnjanakamol, the doctor of the Public Health Center of Chiang Mai, made public that as the period from June to September is the rainy season, greater caution must be exercised against the fever. Furthermore, the cycle of dengue fever outbreaks comes every other year with the virus becoming more virulent each year.

Citizens are asked to cooperate in destroying breeding grounds for the carrier of the virus, mosquitoes.


-- NNT 2012-06-16 footer_n.gif

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alant    1,197

there seem to be rather a lot of the little buggers around this year, does this correlate with the bi annual fever status?

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barefoot1988    244

any good tricks or repellents to prevent this? one thing i realise is that mosquitoes in SEA are really tough against repellents, some seems to be immune of it.

im really worried as my folks will be coming over here this month for quite sometime. both of them never have any experiences with dengue fever and at their age i think it would really nasty!

thanks in advance!

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