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Rear View Helmets...Anyone Tried Before?

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Although i am aware that these kind of helmets are around for a while, i came across with the helmet mentioned in the link above and thinking about it for a couple of days. Only 400 USD.

I thought about this idea for long years regarding how good it can be in city and finally someone able to produce it - it was my idea you ba*****.:)

Has anyone tried rear view helmets before?

Is it easy to adjust to it you think? as never tried something like that before but i am always open new tech or ideas and good on grabbing them.

But, is it an efficient idea? Or is it another scammy bike gear product?

How about "Reevu" Brand? Is it OK?

I am thinking to buy one as a present for myself for being a good boy for a whilebiggrin.png

As, i am sure it will be great for the tight conditioned fast city traffic and can make me feel much more secure therefore i can go fastercool.png

Cheaper than many performance mods you need to go faster:)

Everyday one stealth scooter is passing by me in a scary way - so freaking close sometime and mostly from the lane i am just about to go for - and i mostly never see them from the mirrors.

Thanks in advance.




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I've never heard of it, but what a great idea. I would really like to get one.

sumet, i think they do not have a representative for Thailand.

Why don't you be their dealer in Thailand man?smile.png

it is easy for everyonebiggrin.png

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I think they're a good idea, I'd love to try one although not much good if you've got a pillion.

I've also toyed with the idea of a rear view camera with GPS style monitor next to the tach but I'd want to see how well it worked before I paid $500 or so for one.

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