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I Want To Live In Hua Hin

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We wait.........................with bated breath, for the next episode of.........."MrGtt moves to Hua Hin". biggrin.png

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Thanks for all the replies, Have just been over to los for 3 months, made loads of enquires and decided.

My house in the uk is now on the market for sale, as soon as its sold im going, no looking back.

England is so cold and damp and a very depressing to live now, im 52, maybe got 28 more years left,

maybe more, maybe less, nobody knows, so im going to live the rest in happyness in a place i want to be

doing what i want, simply.

Can easily live on 30,000 bht a month without being stingy, its my dream and im going to live it, i wont


Just hoping my house sells quickly, cant wait to get back and will keep you all informed about where i will

be living and doing and my monthly expences, maybe meet up with some of you.

Cheers for now (choke dee)

Mr G ting tong

Good luck to you fella. Don't stop being a dreamer because if you don't have dreams how can they come true? I wish you well.

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