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Mae Ngat Reservoir Floating Cottages Contact Info

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Hi guys.

I was told that some of the floating cottages on the Mae Ngat Reservior were shoddy, but that an expat named Tom and his Thai wife had a great one. I was given this contact number for them: (081) 724-9900

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone know how to contact Tom and Kitty, or, failing that, of another English-speaking person with a nice cottage that I could contact?


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The link works for me.

I have visited this place many times. The food is good and the accommodation is simple but clean and the newer rooms seem to have better mattresses. Do not expect a good night's sleep as these structures flex whenever someone moves and eyebrow and then they creak. The power is on from dusk to dawn so if you miss the cut-off it is easy to throw yourself int the lake instead of having a shower.

At his time of year there will be many younger visitors who bring their karaoke machines etc and have long nights of drinking & singing.

Out of season it is a great place to get away from it all, even your cellphone as there is no signal.

Good luck.

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Mae Ngat....first Farrang who had a floating shack out there was Alan Bailey of the former Lovebirds/Overlander bars.

Ate/fished/shat and drunk from that pond. If you go to the far end you can walk out and connect to roads running East from Chieng Dao.


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