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True Fitness!

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Happy Holidays,

Recently, I signed a 39 months contract for 35,888 Bhat or 920B a month!


The gyms ( asoke and Central World) are very clean and lots of free weights, machines and cardio equipments.

The equipments are clean, no odor and well greased. (no lingering odor like Cal WOW)

Free towel service

Soaps, shampoos and toilet papers are well stocked in restrooms and showers.

Air quality and temperture are condusive to workingout.

Central World gym staff are accommodating.


The music is TOO LOUD! ( Thais and staff must be deaf)

Only 4 toilets and 5 urinals at asoke gym! ( long waiting line for #2)

Several machines need servicing.

Need additional benches and incline benches.( need to move benches from one side of the gym to other)

Asoke towel staffs are inhospitable!

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For any gym, would never pay for more than a one-year membership...and then renew annually. I don't care what "offer" they may have. This way, if things go down the spout, I can change gyms and am not locked-in long term. Gyms that offer memberships of more than a year or "life-time" memberships. are usually not around long as they usually don't charge enough to cover their rising expenses down the road or are intentionally low-ball membership fees in a pump and dump type operation.

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Remind me California fitness...

Wish you to be able to use your membership 39 months :-)

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True Fitness will increase their membership price again on December 1, 2013! This is the third time they raised the membership rates, since last November, 2012!

Pro: less crowded since terminating several members due to noncompliance! Bought 4 incline benches, approximately 15 cardio equipments, and promised to purchase additional equipments next year. The fitness area is clean, courteous staff and many attractive female members.

Con: music is still too loud, no cold water fountain, AC is too weak, vinyl covering needs reupholstering and only 3 use able toilets for male members.

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