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ubonjoe    18,092

Since the most commonly used forms are now in PDF format on the immigration website here is some some in a fillable format.

New TM7 form. Fillable TM7 form.pdf

New TM8 form. https://www.immigration.go.th/download/1486547955788.pdf

Package of fillable forms linked together. Fill out one and it will complete the others. BlankFillableFormsPackageTM7-Overstay-TM8-TM47-TM30 (1).pdf

You can also complete the forms downloaded from the immigration website using the Fill &  Sign feature on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Edit: Forms in PDF format no longer available on immigration website.

TM30 Form Notification of aliens staying at a residence

TM28 Change of Address

TM86 Change Of Visa Status

TM87 Application For Non Immigrant Visa

Application For Certificate Of Residency

Transfer Stamps To A New Passport

Lost Passport Form


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