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Phuket Mob Violently Bounces Aussies From Kangaroo Bar

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Mob violently bounces Aussies from Kangaroo Bar
Phuket Gazette

The Australians allegedly hit one of the tourists in the head with an ashtray. Photo: Thawit Bilabdullar

PHUKET: -- Two drunk Australians were beaten down by a mob on Phuket’s famous party street, Soi Bangla, early yesterday.

At about 1:30am Patong Deputy Superintendent Akanit Danpitaksat arrived on Soi Bangla (map here) to find both Australians sitting in the middle of the road covered in blood.

Having only recently arrived in Phuket, the two men named by police as "Antony Sounder", 26, and "Brad Trub", 30, suffered serious injures: Mr Sounder had a broken leg and Mr Trub had a large gash over his eye.

“They went out and got drunk. They talked, walked around and lost control of themselves,” Lt Col Akanit said.

The bouncer at the Hollywood Discotheque did not allow the pair to come inside due to their level of intoxication, so Mr Sounder and Mr Trub made their way to the Kangaroo Bar. There, the men allegedly attacked an American with an ashtray, Lt Col Akanit said.

The pair is also understood to have attacked other tourists in the bar with a chair, and to have slapped one of the bar girls, Lt Col Akanit said.

Other patrons of the bar reacted violently to the duo's aggression, attacking them and leaving them seriously injured in the road.

Mr Sounder and Mr Trub were charged with public intoxication, causing bodily harm and causing damage to property, said Lt Col Akanit.


-- Phuket Gazette 2013-05-24

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One very good reason why I and many others give Patong a wide berth!!

Yup as we all know Patong is the only place on the Island where you find drunk people!

I would say it is the hub for drunks! There are drunks everywhere but a higher concentration in that place!!

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Another couple of <deleted> giving us all a bad name, someone should invent an idiot detector to stop these fools leaving Oz

I'm quite sure the problem is with every nationality, when they left Oz I am sure they were very nice people, the drink affects people in different ways! Hope they realize what they did and realize there life could have been at risk!!

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Interesting story. Made so by the fact that the "mob" was not clearly defined.... Would be curious to know if it was other farang patrons at the bar, or local Thai guys. Looks like they would have pissed off both groups, with the ashtray attack on the American and slapping the bar girl. Impressive to break the guy's leg in a street fight, must have used some furniture on him. And after seeing the photos, it seems to once again solidify the link between excessive tattoos and mindless drunken violence. Regarding their injuries, som nam na !!!!!!!!!

They where warned by Thais & farang alike - they didnt heed the warning!

Tattoos have got nothing to do with it! NO more than singlets or board shorts do!

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