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Thai State Railways train derails in North, foreign tourists injured

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Thai State Railways train derails in North, service suspended
By English News


PHRAE, July 17 – A State Railways of Thailand (SRT) train has derailed in this mountainous northern Thai province, injuring more than 40 passengers, mostly foreign tourists, and temporarily halted the North-bound train earlier today.

Seven carriages of the Bangkok-Chiang Mai train derailed in Denchai district.

Forty-one passengers, mostly foreign tourists, were taken to hospital. Eleven passengers were severely hurt. About 200 passengers were stranded, waiting for a train from Lampang to carry them to their destination, Chiang Mai.

Meanwhile, Bangkok-Chiang Mai trains suspended service, but train service from Bangkok to Denchai is running.

Initial inspection indicated the accident was caused by faulty track. (MCOT online news)

-- TNA 2013-07-17

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Train derails in Phrae

The Nation

Passengers fled the scene.

The northern train heading to Chiang Mai derailed at 3am today in Phrae, causing injuries to some 30 passengers.

BANGKOK: -- All train carriages fell off from the track, as the train derailed near Denchai district. Over 290 passengers were on board.

Prapas Chongsanguan, governor of the State Railway of Thailand, initially attributed the accident to the poor condition of the track. Maintenance has been planned for the sloping and curvy point where the accident happened.

Buses and vans were mobilised from Denchai, to transport affected passengers, local and foreign, to Chiang Mai. Three foreigners suffered from broken arms and 24 from minor injuries, and they were sent to the district’s hospital.

Chalermwoot Rakkhatiwong, Denchai district chief, said that all passengers have been transferred out of the scene.

The train left Bangkok at 7pm on July 16.

Train schedules are changed after the accident. Speed trains from Chiang Mai to Bangkok scheduled for today will be cancelled. Normal train from Chiang Mai will be operated as usual, but passengers in Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang will have to take buses to board the train at the Uttaradit station. Affected passengers can return tickets and receive full compensation.

-- The Nation 2013-07-17

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You beat me to it harrry. I have the same question.

Who is going to pay the hospital bill of the foreign tourists? The railway is
operated by the Thai State.

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how did it derail looks like it flew a couple meters

the passengers will be very happy with their refund for the ticket

and yes who's gonna pick up the hospital bill ?

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30 passengers injured in Thailand train accident

Authorities say at least 30 passengers, mostly foreign tourists, were slightly injured when a train derailed in the mountains of northern Thailand. It was the second derailment on the same route in a month.

State Railway of Thailand governor Prapas Jongsanguan said the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai skidded off the tracks early Wednesday in Phrae province. Seven out of 10 carriages flipped onto their sides.

Railway authorities believe the accident was caused by old tracks that were scheduled for repair.

There were no Russian tourists, according to the Russian Embassy in Thailand.


-- THE VOICE OF RUSSIA 2013-07-17

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Not at all surprising, unfortunately. The rail system is in shocking condition and desperately needs upgrading, never mind the high speed project.

is there any reason to expect/hope for higher maintenance standards if there was a high-speed link?blink.png



Never use them, I prefer the bus, even if their safety record is not exactly perfect.

get well soon to all.

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