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Giving away free stuff: used/new plus size clothes for ladies 2XL-4XL, healthfoods plus more

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I really need to lighten my baggage weight to bring gifts home for the fam! I also lost quite a bit of weight while I was here, and find the best way to do this is to get rid of my clothes.

I might end up donating what is left of my stuff to some random thai people, but I do prefer that they provide a greater convenience through serving someone who actually needs them. Most of my clothes are designer, some are newish, worn 2-3 times at max.

Will edit and upload pictures as soon as I am done pulling everything out. I'm leaving on the 13th of Jan so the last day to come pick anything up is by evening of the day before.

I also have a bunch of health foods, supplements, stationary, etc.

Oh, if anyone wants to take it all and donate to people appropriately, cause that's what they like to do in their free time, then by all means you are welcome to do so. biggrin.png

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