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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 08:30
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NBT TV Phuket

Krabi Airport Was Officially Opened As An International Airport Facility.

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1. The Krabi International Airport has been officially opened on May 18th by Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Phumtham Wet-cha-ya-chai. The new terminal and runway facilities were developed during the years 2003 - 2005 with a budget of 743 million baht under the Department of Aviation. The new 4 storey terminals are able to cope with 600 arrivals and 600 departing passengers while the new expanded runway are increased up to 3,000 metres in length, enabling it to cater for Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 737-400 and 2 helicopters during rush hours.

At present it is welcoming direct flights both domestic and international including Tiger Air, Thai Air Asia, Thai Airways and Nova Air, a charter flight direct from Scandinavia. The new facilities are expected to help promote more travel into the Andaman region.

2. Speaking of the number of tourist arrivals for this year, Thavatch Thanitnond, advisor to the Krabi Tourist Association said it is reported to be around 1.4 million. He further explained that Scandinavian and Europeans seemed to dominate the markets. The new expanded Krabi airport also contributed to the increasing number of travelers. Mr. Thavatch also states that the local tourism businesses are joining hands with airlines to introduce special packages to promote traveling to the region. They are Air Asia, Thai Airways International and Orient Air which is scheduled to launch its inaugural flight on June 9th.

The Krabi key tourism figure went on to say that Krabi is planning grand services to provide impressive services for tourists. This will include products and activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, and trips to islands. The local tourist personnel and overseas road shows will also be reinforced, he concluded.

both from Andaman News TV11 + Radio Thailand FM90.5 Phuket City, both broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, 8.30am most Mondays to Fridays & www.Thaisnews.com

{ Our news text and mini-videos can be freely copied and posted on other websites, but please give credit to Andaman News TV11 Phuket and inform us if you see uncredited copies. Thank you!}

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:D It is a nice little airport, spacious and light, but International? I think not. No duty free that I saw and rather on the small side. However, I doubt that it will be over run with International travellers anyway. :o

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Hope that includes extending the runway....

My BKK - TG 737 flight used reverse thrust so hard to stop running of the runway it thru everyone forward very hard.

Runway does not look long enough to handle more that 737/A319, etc

Which is good, Krabi area doesnt not need to be become oversold - otherwise it would lose its appeal

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