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Deep Sea Fishing in Pattaya

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Hello Folks,

We are looking for a fishing trip boarded from Pattaya. We are 8 people( 4 couples) and wives are not so in to it though. They ll enjoy the trip.

For the quick information, we went on a trip in Koh Chang by one those longtail traditional Thai fishing boats. It was an OK trip overal but couldnt really catch many fish, just some small baracudas.

This time, we d like to go on more intense trip which can be more challenging and we can enjoy more catching bigger fish. I talked to this company which organizes 2 trips(8hrs and 30hrs) with a decent yacth. Longer time sounds good however we need some decent cabins for wives to sleep :)

What could be your suggestions and recommended companies? Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


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Big Fish in the Gulf ??????? Dream on.

You might get Tuna - ready oiled and packed in tins! sorry.gif.pagespeed.ce.HIAcli9fRM.png - couldn't resist it!

Many years ago (mid-eighties) there were a few daily fishing tours and i do know someone who caught a sailfish and actually I'd also like to know if there is anywhere within reasonable sailing time of Pattaya.

However I tend to agree with Oldsailor, given the state of the waters bah.gif

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