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Thai French Beef Retail Store?

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On 9/13/2017 at 8:14 PM, Michael Hare said:

Yes, they do retail sales. If I have time I will pop in tomorrow afternoon or on Friday when passing, and get a telephone number or something. Will let you know. 

Working through the Doksuri cyclone was tough going today. Managed to pop into the Nong Sung Beef cooperative at about 10:30 am when passing. Rain and mud everywhere.


I found out that the Nong Sung beef cooperative is not a branch of the Thai-French Sakhon Nakon cooperative known everywhere as Pon Yang Kham. I, for some reason, always thought it was. Nong Sung is an independent cooperative. Not Thai-French beef. Nong Sung say they are Thailand's premium beef fattening cooperative of the Mekong River (whatever that means?). But it is not Thai-French beef. 


Nong Sung telephone number is 042-64-0096-7 or 042 674698. Their prices are similar to Pon Yang Kham.





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