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Ask for tooth whitening in Bangkok

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Bender    1,665

Does anyone know where to easily buy bleach 20%? Cheap. Thanks.

I had good success with bleach and custom trays. A friend had laser and it didn't work well and really hurt. Bleach hurts too but really works pretty well imo. Don't do over 20%.

i guess you can do your own gel at home

For the laser, back home, i did ask my dentist. He quoted me 500 euro, with no garantie it will work. In others, thats just a scam.

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11223344    102
3 hours ago, Estellou said:

If I can recommend a good place for teeth whitening it's the smile bar, in Siam. The office is clean, it's quick and cheap and they are real professional, here their website if it can help:  http://www.the-smile-bar.co.th/en/teeth-whitening-result

owner? Two posts within three months, both recommending your business

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ChidlomDweller    444
Posted (edited)
On 10/29/2015 at 6:47 PM, alt said:

I didn't even bother responding to the other guy. But yeah, you're right. I was on my last day in BKK, I was not going spending all of it in a dentist. Got my teeth cleaned, took the advise, and got a few small jobs done (under insurance) when I got home... no issue.

But you have to expect the (regular) smart a$$ comments from the usual TV brigade.

Indeed.  And worse, some dentists here are sleazy sales people.  Happened twice that a dentist (when I go for whitening or a cleaning locally) try and convince me I have 10+ "abrasian cavities".  Then I check with my regular dentist in Belgium and he says the tradeoff is that anytime you fill them you first have to remove good material, so it does more harm than good with tiny cavities.  One instance was in 2003.  Haven't needed a single filling ever since.  I floss every night, brush my teeth twice, and go for a checkup every 8 months.  Never have a problem.  I completely trust my dentist in Belgium.  In fact, he didn't even charge me at all a couple of times because he knows I don't have health insurance in Belgium.  Typical old fashioned village dentist with a good ethic.

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