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On 5/29/2017 at 1:03 PM, music065 said:

Reading through this thread I'm struck by how relatively young most of these people were. Much much younger than the average life expectancies of their home nations. Hmmm

Very few of my pals have survived 70 in CM, and now poor old Dave2 has joined the died before 70 crew.

I'll miss having a beer in LK and in MoonMuang Soi 1/2 with him.

Be seeing you soon Dave (but hopefully not too soon).

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I echo MaejoMTB i too will miss having a few beers with him, especially his wit, his honesty and direct approach. I always enjoyed his company!

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Dennis Brown passed away a few days ago - cremation tomorrow at a temple in San Kamphaeng. Sorry, but I don't have the details.

Denis was known as The Stickman to some because he was the manufacturer and distributor of the Burmese  Army Trekking stick seen in many places around Chiang Mai and the North. Others may remember him from The Escape bar days where he was a regular customer. He was also the guy that kept Chiang Mai supplied with baked beans and other vital supplies that he brought from Malaysia. He was also a regular at the Hash, with the nickname Two and  a Half Fingers, for obvious reasons to those that knew him. A well-liked, affable character he will be sadly missed. RIP.

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