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Thai schools told to screen foreign English teachers for paedophilia

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Education institutions told to carefully screen English teachers with child sex abuse records

BANGKOK: -- The Education Ministry has warned education institutions across the country to be aware of unqualified English teachers having child sex abuse records in their home countries but coming to work in the country.

The warning was revealed by the assistant to the Minister of Education Dr Thirakiat Charoensethasilpa after being informed by the British embassy in Bangkok.

Dr Thirakiat said the UK embassy recently notified that some British citizens who have child sexual abuse records have disguised themselves as English teachers and have arrived in Thailand to work as teachers.

With such warning, he then urged all education institutions to carefully screen the qualification and records of those British citizens applying for English teaching job in the country.

He said all education institutes can either check records of all English applicants from the UK police’s website www.acro.police.uk/icpc, or ask the applicants for the job to produce certificate for check.

He said this would be a measure to screen the applicants and ensure that they have no criminal records, and prevent Thai students from sexual abuses by English teachers.

According to the UK embassy, people committed child sexual abuse crimes in the UK often look for jobs overseas such as volunteers. Many of them have been found to choose teaching or any profession that is relevant to child, he said.

Therefore he urged that all education institutions adopted careful steps in recruiting foreigners to work as English teachers.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/education-institutions-told-to-carefully-screen-english-teachers-with-child-sex-abuse-records

-- Thai PBS 2015-07-07

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A. Why only screen foreign teachers?

Where does it state that Thai teachers are not screened?

Get a Teaching License as a Thai involves a bladdy lot. If you can show that they can get a Teacher's License with convictions for child-sex crimes, please do.




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