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I had a friend named Lou.

We worked together.

he read all the books on "How To Get Rich in Vegas"

He went two times to Las Vegas, winning a small amount each time.

Then he went again with a big bankroll thinking he would win some serious money

He lost over 7500 dollars in 3 days.

Fortunately,  that was all his entire bankroll.


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An off topic post potentially hijacking the topic,  and one reply discussing jumping out of windows in Pattaya have been removed

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On 6/13/2017 at 9:03 AM, Jingthing said:

Interesting. I have read about the steps needed to get Florida residency and it does seem rather a pain. Especially if you've been living abroad for ages.

I live in Florida and it was a pain to get my driver license renewed and I had it for 10 years, gotten the extension on line etc. But a few years ago Florida went to that new ID thing that the TSA was promulgatin.  So to get the new license, had to show up in person at a DMV, and you better had made an appointment.  Bring two bills showing your name and address on them, your birth certificate or Passport.  I had brought three bills, lucky to because they would not accept my health insurance bill!  I pay the premium every two months, and the bill I had was my last one and it was over 30 days old and they would not accept it.  Of course they hadn't told me that, and I checked and called before I made the appointment because I was actually working out of state at the time and had flown home to get this done.

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