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BANGKOK 18 November 2018 21:36

Rayong tycoon’s daughter escapes death after being dumped unconscious into a reservoir

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Suspects in attack on judge arrested
The Nation

RAYONG: -- Rayong police have arrested three of five suspects on suspicions that they were involved with the abduction and assault of an associate judge in the province.

Two others suspects for whom arrest warrants have been issued are still on the run.

The victim is Renu Tankanjananurak, executive of Burapasinsub real estate company, who is also the associate judge at the juvenile and family court.

The three suspects, who are also women, are said to be staff members at Renu's company.

Renu was allegedly abducted and assaulted and her car was pushed into a river, apparently with the intent of drowning her. She was later found on the river bank and rescued.

She is currently in ICU under police custody for fear her attackers may return to kill her.

Police suspected that the motive behind the attack was related to a Bt200-million land deal.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/Suspects-in-attack-on-judge-arrested-30275204.html

-- The Nation 2015-12-18

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Reminds me of the late Bob monkhouse who addressed his audience by saying they laughed at me when I said I was going to be a comedian but they're not laughing now.

I laughed at this 20 minutes ago when I read it. I think I've broken out laughing three times since while I am going about my business.

Thanks. :)

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I hope the lady in question makes a full and speedy recovery. If her old man is, as stated, a tycoon and rich I wont hold out much hope for them having a long life.

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Posted (edited)

What is the latest on Kuhn Dum the perpatrator have Rayong Police failed to catch him ? Even though he is around ?

Edited by spacebass

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