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Bungsamran to close

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On 14-9-2017 at 8:04 PM, impulse said:

Finally made it out to the new BSR, and was favorably impressed by the facilities.  A lot like the old one, but no dock running up the middle of the lake.  Fishing was still great, and the catfish seemed bigger. The guide told me the owner had stocked some bigger fish up to 200 kg.  I don't know if that's a fish story...


Also good on fishing, they pulled out more big Siamese carp in one day than I had seen in dozens of trips to the old BSR, up to about 50-60 kg that I saw.


Bad news:  Though they still charge 400 baht for locals and resident foreigners (I used my DL), they upped the fee for tourists to 4,000 baht.  A reasonable price compared to "back home" but this isn't back home.  Still, $130 for the fishing day of a lifetime is pretty cheap in real world terms.  They also offer annual memberships that seem to be all in (instead of previously, where the membership just gave you a discount as I recall)  15,000 baht is the annual fee I recall, but I don't know the terms and conditions, so don't hold me to it.


It is further out of town than the old place, but not in a crowded neighborhood so the drive actually seemed easier. The folks running the place were pleasant and patient as usual.  The bungalows looked a little nicer than before, but we fished the dock.  Bungalow next time.  Overall, a great day on the water as long as you;'re not looking for a wilderness fishing experience.


Thanks for the write up, too bad its now too far from me. I now go to Bungplabug ik Ayuttaya as its closer to me now. Still I would go to BSR had they not moves so far away. (for me that is)

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