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Health care for 70 year old father

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Sorry dddave but this just isn't true. Their is no problem renewing your policy after 70. I will be 72 in July and I just got my renewal notice a few days ago. I didn't like the rate increase. Check a thread I started a few days ago for other details, BUPA $$

I did not say "could not renew existing policies", I said persons over 70 have "difficulty" renewing. Huge increases in annual premiums to maintain a policy seems to me to represent a significant difficulty for anybody living on a fixed income.

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Late to the game but I've heard from several sources Cigna Global may be a good option for 70 yo. No promises but I'd check them out. 

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As Lopburi said in post #3, the answer to the OP's question, and what options are available to him and his father, depends a lot of what kind of residency the father's going to have.


If he's going to be living in BKK basically full-time except for visa-run type trips outside, then he pretty much going to be looking at Thailand-based regular health insurance policies either from Thai companies or international ones that offer coverage here.


On the other hand, if the father's only planning to spend 3 months here, and then go back to wherever his otherwise home is, that would open the avenue for travel coverage policies that include medical, which are likely to be considerably less expensive. But of course are only going to cover the period of his travel away from whatever is his home country.


For Thai regular health insurance policies being new policies being applied for by someone 70 and older, the options are going to be VERY limited, and VERY expensive if any.


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Posted (edited)

Here's what I found in terms of regular medical insurance policies the last time I researched this topic back in 2015. The last two items on this list might be applicable to the OP's father:


--Pacific Cross Insurance (which used to be LMG International) will write new health insurance only up to age 65, and then for existing policy holders, will renew up to age 90.


--BUPA Platinum would allow new policyholders before age 66. But if you joined at that age, they'd only renew up to and including age 70. (If you joined before age 60, they'd renew for life), according to my insurance agent.


--the Pattaya Expats Club had a members group plan through AXA that members can enroll in up to the age of 65, and then can be renewed up to age 75.


--NZI/Safety Insurance Co. says they will accept new policy holders up to age 74, and then no cutoff for existing policyholders. www nzi co th/en/healthcare


--HealthCare International (www healthcareinternational com) would write new policies for people under age 75.


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90 days only? Travel insurance with a credit card when you buy your return airline ticket. It's all free.

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