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Looking for furnished house in Pattaya - long term rental

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As stated in title, I'm looking for a nicely furnished house in Pattaya. My budget is around 25,000 per month, but I will go higher if the place is enticing enough. Location is fairly open to any area, north, central or south, but not too far east of Sukhumvit - say about 2km maximum. I only have motorcycle transport, so closer to Central Pattaya is better.

I'm a long term renter and have lived here for 10 years in 2 places, 5 years each, both in the Pratunmak Hill area.

Here are my requirements:

1. A big European style kitchen with decent size refrigerator and plenty of cupboard and benchtop space.

2. Living room and all bedrooms must be air conditioned - new style units - no old, noisy units.

3. Lots of wardrobe space, king size beds (in at least 2 rooms) and ceiling fans. No bed required in the 3rd or 4th rooms.

4. 3 bedrooms or more. Living space should be at least 150 m2. At least 2 bathrooms. A bathtub/jacuzzi would be nice.

5. A detached house - not a townhouse - neighbours not too close.

6. Privacy and good security.

7. Flat screen TVs - no old, archaic TV's please.

8. Modern furniture.

9. Washing machine - preference for top-loader.

10. Must be able to have my CAT fiber-optic Internet installed. This is most important. If CAT fiber optic is not available, I can't rent it.

There's probably a few other things that I can't think of right now. smile.png ... but you get the picture - I'm fussy and hope the owner is too.

I would like a pro-active landlord who appreciates a good, long term tenant who really looks after a place. A landlord who fixes stuff that requires repair or maintenance and one I can get hold of if I need him/her. If I'm there for 5 years, the place will look as good as it was when I arrived. We will treat the place like our own. We're a married foreign couple with no children, and it's going to stay that way.

Good English communication is important as neither my wife nor I can speak Thai. My previous landlords were foreigners from UK, so I've never had a Thai landlord. I don't know if I'd like a Thai landlord, but I'm not ruling it out. (I'd appreciate some informed opinions on this please). I don't want to fight to get my bond back at the end of the lease period, as I've heard is quite common here in Pattaya although I've been lucky so far.

If you're an agent, please PM me as they might delete your post here. I'm quite happy to hear from agents and owners. I need to get into a new place sometime over the next month or so.

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I'm looking for a place again. 


Please PM me if you have one to rent.


This time around I will consider a townhouse, as long as it's spacious and the adjoining walls aren't too narrow. 

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Do you need a very convenient laundry service next door ? :P

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14 hours ago, johng said:

Do you need a very convenient laundry service next door ? :P

I prefer to do my own laundry, so as mentioned in my post, a washing machine is required INSIDE the house.:smile:

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Hi tropo.


I might be a bit late but I have a very nice 3 bedroom house for rent near Lake Mabprachan. It's only 30 mins away from tow.n. I'm only asking 24,000 baht per month. Drop me a line if you're still looking.



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