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Krabi Immigration

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Krabi Immigration, if I remember it's heading up a hill in the main town area...

90 day reports are easy, doing the yearly report, you need to have money in bank etc ... see the visa section of TVF for more information and help ...

look here


You might also get more response in the Krabi forum.wink.png


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immigration next to port so slightly out of central town .its very good ,helpfull,efficient.not too many foreigners but enough to keep them going !also near by is the transport office for your driving licence etc.same praise also applies.

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Just to confirm this Krabi Immigration office still offers tourist visa extension like the office in Phuket town.... !?


I am based in Patong but travelling in Krabi area for a few weeks and don't want to come back to Phuket early just for extension if I can do it in Krabi.




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Went to Krabi immigration office today, was in and out with a visa extension stamp in my passport in less than 5 minutes flat... !!! Didn't even fill any forms, just signed the blanks (I assume they fill it later), wrote hotel address, gave them photocopies and one photo and 1900b. So fast and no other farang there except a couple who were also out after me, no queue or waiting, amazing, I must say, better than Phuket town....





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