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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 09:18

your opinion living in s. korea vs thailand

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Tired of the weather in Thailand, the dishonesty and corruption, the insecurity and jealousy of most Thais, and the attempts at scamming me I have to dodge on a daily basis

I don't really care too much for that s.e. asian look and much prefer n.e asian women too, just being around good honest people will be a welcome change

The vast majority of Thais that I come across are decent, honest people. So why is it that you only know the dishonest ones? You should go to S. Korea, but if you follow the same MO, you'll end up surrounding yourself with dishonest Koreans. I really don't get people like you.

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Only lived in South Korea on a temporary basis for work for 6 months about 7 years ago, but went their alot.

I like Korea; everything works flawlessly. Fairly good level of English spoken, at least in Seoul and the professional classes. Winter is brutal, like Minnesota. I lived in Suwon (home of Samsung), and I cant say overall it's the most aesthetically pleasing country I've ever lived in, but I have a fairly good tolerance for that, also lived in China & Taiwan, both of which have some beauty spots, but in addition Hell's on earth.

South Korea isn't that cheap in my view, but maybe you get what you pay for.

...the women are beautiful too, not cheap either, back to that you get what you pay for maybe! LOL

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Depends where you live in SK. I lived in Jinju for 18 mo's and Busan for 18mo's I liked the small town atmosphere of Jinju, but I also liked living near Gwangalli beach. The food is great, but the culture is driven by constant excess drinking and late nite Soju and Beer binges. It gets old fast. The laid back atmosphere of Thailand and the difference between the loving and very accomodating Thai woman VS the more independant and much outspoken Korean women leaves me coming back to Thai women every time. I  am finally quite happily married to a beautiful Thai woman and very inexpensively we built a nice western style home together in Chiang Mai. The ever increasing costs alone in SK will drive you back to almost anywhere else in SE Asia. Also, I left out the weather, SK's Absolute Freezing cold in Winter and sweltering heat in the Summer, the only truly comfortable season is spring/early summer. Chiang Mai gets hot, but not anything like the constant BKK humidity, practically the whole rest of the year is very comfortable for me, and no damn freezing cold!

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